Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dear Coach....

I'd just like to say,

I would love (and be beyond honoured) to be your next guest blogger.....95% of the time I'm carrying around one of your beautiful bags. I have to travel out of province or order online to access your products, but it's worth it. I enjoy the quality of your brand and respect you for embracing and involving bloggers in your creative process. I do blog for myself and as well as a local shopping centre, Brunswick Square, so I am familiar with presenting and working with products from other businesses. Over the last year I've explored my own style and worked on finding my own voice through this blog. I am often fawning over your latest bags and always have a Coach wish-list in the back of my mind (purses and accessories). If you were to consider me as your next guest blogger, I'd love the chance to represent one of my favourite brands!

If you hadn't heard, today is the last day to submit submissions to be considered for a position as Coach's Fall guest blogger. Although there are so many great style and fashion bloggers out there and to put yourself up for consideration you tweet @Coach with the hash tag #CoachBlogger, I thought I'd shout a little love to a favourite brand of mine (whose 25% off invites I always succumb to)!    

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