Friday, June 24, 2011

3 things: make-up basics

It seems that I'm always runnings late or rushing from one thing to another. I don't always have time to get detailed with my make-up so sometimes I need to prioritize! If I could only pick just 3 things to apply in the morning before I run out the door, I'd have to say these 3 items would be it:

Waterproof Mascara

Long-time wear without the undereye smudges- I always choose a mascara that is waterproof. While I'm not partial to this specific type, Cover Girl's Volume Exact has been the cost-effective choice laying on my dresser lately. 


When your skin is as naturally fair as mine, a little bit of a tan can make a difference! Rimmel's Natural Bronzer is a popular choice among my friends. Under $10 and accessible from almost any drug store, this bronzer comes in a few shade varities, applying fairly and blending fairly evenly. A quick brush across the cheeks, nose, forehead, and under the eyes quickly adds a little colour.


This item may be more of an investment, but it is definitely worth the cost. I've tried many concealers to combat and cover-up my undereye circles and this is my favourite product to date! I've been using Chanel's Lift Lumiere since Laura at Perfumes Plus introduced it to me. Another great aspect- it colour corrects. This eye contour concealer only comes in two shades: light and dark, but they work on a wide variety of skin colours! The product applies as a liquid and goes on smooth, effectively covering the desired area without appearing too thick.

If you had to narrow your make-up bag down to only 3 things, which would you choose?

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