Monday, July 4, 2011

sunday shopping...

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend- whether you celebrated Canada Day or Independence Day (for my friends south of the border)! We hit up the boardwalk for a couple of beers for the countdown to Canada Day and then headed to Shediac the following afternoon to camp by Parlee Beach. This weekend marks the many of firsts for the summer- 1st camping trip, 1st trip to the beach, and 1st sun burn (ouch!).

These pictures were actually snapped about a week prior to the sun burn- as I do a lot of weekends, I spent some time shopping on that Sunday- but not for me! B's summer wardrobe has been in desperate need of replenishing so we hit up the limited number of spots you can buy men's apparel in this city.  

The Outfit
  • Tank top: American Eagle (Fredericton, Summer '08)
  • Sweater: Aerie (Fredericton, Spring '09)
  • Shorter Necklace: Anne Marie Chagnon- Beckwith & Co. (SJ, July '08)
  • Feather necklace: H&M (Toronto, Sept '10)
  • Sandals: Steve Madden- The Urban Shoe Myth (SJ, June '11)
  • Skinny jeans: Seven- Envy (SJ, June '11)
These espadrilles I actually scored on sale at The Urban Shoe Myth. Shelley actually has a lot of spring stock marked down to 25% off- which is what I saved on these sandals. I had wanted them earlier in the season but didn't want to jump on them before sandal weather kicked in. Well, I ended up missing the boat and my size was sold out. However, I was lucky and Shelley reordered and I found my size on the sale rack that weekend!

Speaking of sales, have you noticed the new "Retail Therapy" tab at the top of the blog? Keeping you up to date of any sales, online or in-store, I've been updating the list daily just in case you happen to be in the mood to do some shopping!

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