Tuesday, July 5, 2011

new brunswick fashion week...

If you live in the Maritimes, you might have attended or caught mention of Atlantic Fashion Week, which was held in Halifax from June 13-19 and produced by City Models. In its 5th year of production, Atlantic Fashion Week has served as a platform to display the designs of both east-coast-based as well as national fashion designers. Although this is the first time I'm catching wind of the event, it was great to hear of such a celebration of fashion within the Atlantic provinces. I'm looking forward to not only hearing what's in store for next year but also taking a trip to catch the action.

Even more exciting, today I've heard a lot of buzz on the development of a New Brunswick Fashion Week to be held the week of September 30-October 5 this fall! Currently still in the early stages of development, this event is anticipated to be semi-annual showcase for fashion and style in our province. As stated by Linda Day (director of Buchanan & Co.):

This event is about bringing attention to the fashion industry in New Brunswick, great talent and incredible businesses that support the industry from hair, make-up, photography, fashion boutiques, spas, schools, promotional companies and so much more.

It is the city of Moncton that has started the ball rolling and officially hosting the event. Kudos to them for standing up to acknowledge and celebrate the fashion industry and culture within our province. But, as my friend Kiera Fraser (owner of Je Suis Prest Boutique) suggested on Twitter today, it's also time for Saint John to step up to the plate:

So Saint John, what would you like to see for New Brunswick Fashion Week, September 30- October 5? I propose that we start the buzz about New Brunswick Fashion Week with the hash tag #NBFW on twitter! For suggestions of how to celebrate this event in Saint John, please using the hash tags #NBFW #SJfashion!

Stay tuned: I'll be sure to share any further details I hear on this event!

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