Friday, July 8, 2011

3 things: wish list crushes...

So as women who love to shop, we typically have a running flow of a wish-list that we'd love to have if money were no object. However, the unlikeliness that we'll win the lottery, marry a millionaire, or find a way to grow money on trees typically keeps us in check. After all, we may need to cloth ourselves and ensure we have good footwear to walk in, but the essentials like shelter, transportation, and food are all real priorities on the must-have list.

Sometimes the impulsive child in me wants everything at once, but she doesn't always get her way since my adult self isn't made of money. Right now the top 3 items on my wish-list are as follows:

1) A pair of cork-heel TOMS wedges

Photo credit: TOMS

It was love at first sight when I saw the red striped wedges on Pretty Shiny Sparkly's blog- I'm really eager to get my hands on these yellow ones! I had already been wanting another pair of TOMS since I bought my first from Je Suis Prest Boutique last month. I'm also crushing on these ash canvas TOMS.

2) A white mens-sized wrist watch

Photo credit: Fossil

I've been meaning to acquire a new watch for some time now- given that I had lost my previous 2 pairs and only have my unattractive sport timex I used for work. It may prove to be functional and essential but doesn't exactly cut it as a fashion accessory. I feel in love with Fossil's pearlized Stella resin watch over the Sears counter the other week but had to use restraint from making an impulse purchase!

3) A custom twitter handle necklace

In all fairness I realize this one makes me an uber geek. But I'm willing to accept that- twitter has played a big role in how I have branded my blog and social media has made a huge impact on how we network. I see an "@mshopaholic" necklace as my version of the Carrie necklace (Sex & the City).

So what's at the top of your must-have list?

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