Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a new project in the works...

I wanted to share with you an annoucement on a big project I'll be embarking on within the next month. In early December, the shopping centre Brunswick Square, approached me about collaborating with them on a project. They are looking to revamp their connection with social media and their online presence. With this, you'll be seeing a make-over of their current website. In tune with these changes, they wanted to try something new. I've been asked to write a blog for them.

I'm really excited about this opportunity and I can tell you that I wouldn't take on a project that I didn't believe just wouldn't be authentic. As you may have noticed in my previous posts, I spend a great deal of time in the Uptown Saint John area, and you'll often find me shopping the levels of Brunswick Square.

So you might wondering how or if this will this affect and impact my blogging with Maritime Shopaholic? This blog is still my number one project at heart and I still plan on blogging my little heart out as a Monday to Friday style blogger. I intend to continue to work at evolving and expanding my content. I'm also really excited to take on this side project in which I have been offered the opportunity to exercise creative direction in promoting some of my favourite local stores!

Will content cross over to both blogs? Nope, each will be written and edited by me, but will have it's own focus and content. The blog for Brunswick Square will feature creative weekly posts and is slated to launch in late March!

Some of my (many) blog posts that involved the shops of Brunswick Square over the past year include:

September 2010- Fall Fashion Preview
If you're a local gal, be you can follow Brunswick Square on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news and sales! 

P.S. Oh, and have you entered the Silver Daisy Designs Giveaway? To do so click here- today's the last day! Contest closes at midnight AST and the winner will be annouced tomorrow evening (Feb 17)!

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