Saturday, October 2, 2010

fall fashion preview...

Wednesday night was the Fall Fashion Preview at Brunswick Square...which included fall fashions from retailers within the shopping center, as well as dessert and prizes! The stores whose merchandise was featured in the fashion show included:
Make-up was done by Perfumes Plus and hair was styled by Hairacy's. Spurs provided the beautiful decor. Here's what the 3rd floor of Brunswick Square typically looks like on any given day:

Once you add a little glitz, glamour, and a runway, you're all set for a fashion show!

The event certainly made for a fun evening and all proceeds were donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John! The models were a collective group of Seadogs, NWH models, as well as a few Big Sisters. Please forgive the quality of my photos: they certainly won't match the caliber of the professional photographers that were present and I minimzed my use of flash as not to blind the people around me! The event was cohosted by Normand Hector of NWH Modeling & Fashion Shows and Steph Downey from K100.

They announced the running order of the stores and style of clothing throughout the show.


 Halfway through the show, there was a break for assorted desserts and Starbucks coffee.

The lovely ladies of Perfumes Plus had a table set up:

I asked Nadine if I could get a photo of her outfit because I adored her beautiful BCBG tulle skirt!

This would also be about the time my camera died...

I cannot believe I did not remember to charge the battery in advance! So I was left with my camera phone for the remainder of the show. Sadly, you likely could not tell the difference after editing... However, this was also about the time we found out that there was a candy buffet!

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