Monday, October 11, 2010

wedding dress shopping!

Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and two younger sisters at Lockhart's in Sussex! I tried on- or should I say tied into!- some beautiful dresses. I said to our consultant Patti that working in a bridal boutique must be a workout in itself, because some of these gowns were so heavy! I had previously tried on a wide collection of lovely gowns from Heavenly Gowns in Saint John, but needed to be sure that I was making the right choice is purchasing my favourite I had choosen prior to today.

Walking into the building that day I though I had an idea of what I wanted- and even that changed to some degree! My original criteria as of 10am that morning when I arrived for my appointment were as follows:
  1. No train or a bustle
  2. Dress needs to be relatively light-weight
  3. Sweetheart neckline
  4. A-line skirt (no drop waists)
Let`s just say that the dress I am going to purchase this month has eliminated at least two of my previous criteria, and one of them I never though I'd changed my mind on. Comes to show that you need to try everything on and have some great help! Heres are cropped samples of my favourite four dresses. ;)

Of course, I can't tell you which photo is THE dress yet, but you can feel free to use your imagination and guess!

On both occasions that I've gone and tried dresses on, I made sure I wore a comfortable outfit that isn't risking wrinkles and is quick and easy to pull it on and off! Saturday's outfit included a new top from the Pseudio that I found during my animal print hunt the day before. The girls there were so helpful and great with feedback- thank you!

The Outfit

Sweater- InWear- Peepshow Boutique (Halifax, 3 years ago)
Top- 03Everly- Pseudio (SJ, Oct '10)
Leggings- TNA (Toronto, May '09)
Shoes- Sam Edelman- Winners (SJ, April '10)
Purse- Coach (Toronto, Sept '10)
Heart locket- Splurge (Halifax, May '08)

Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and lots to be thankful for! I'm thankful for my wonderful friends and family!


Elle Sees said...

it is amazing trying on dresses or are you just over it after a few?

Fifth Sparrow said...

So excited to see what the final dress looks like! It's funny how women usually change from their original "must-haves" when they try them on, the same thing happened to my bff.

Also love the cute outfit you wore, the print on the shirt is perfect! xx

Courtney Erin said...

When I was shopping for a wedding dress I tried like 3 on and instantly tossed out all my previous criteria and wound up getting the total opposite of what I had thought I wanted - it's funny how that works out. Congrats on finding one!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Anonymous said...

All of the dresses look gorgeous by the samples! Can't wait to see which one it is!

Ashley said...

Aww wedding dress shopping seems like so much fun! I can't wait to see the one you picked! They all look gorgeous in the snapshots! :)