Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the tripod search...

I've wanted to take pictures of outfits at times when B isn't available...I've learned the hard way trying to take photos by setting my camera on ledges- it's nearly impossible to get the right lighting or angle! Therefore, it's time to invest in a good 'ol tripod. I visited Futureshop the other day to stake out my options. Really, I'm looking for a tripod that will raise up to chest height that I can plop my Lumix digi cam (which I also need to eventually upgrade) onto. This was the best that I came across:

Dynex tripod: $45 (+tax)
Has anyone seen anything locally that would fit my needs but might be a little cheaper?

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barb c said...

If this is something you're going to be using for a long, long time... get one that's better quality. Head to Black's in the mall and tell them what you need it for (i.e. taking photos with a timer).

They will pick out one for you that will be heavy (won't fall over) and compact (won't take up your entire backseat).

I have a manfrotto and wouldn't trade it for the world. It was not free, though.

Also: black's almost always has a 75% off option that will run you between 15-30 dollars.

Good luck!