Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chanel vs. Essie...

Chanel's khaki collection has been a coveted hit this fall- and because of that, it's difficult to get your hands on a bottle of either Brun, Rose, or Vert has been a challenge in itself.

Enter Barb: who accomplished mission impossible through a well organized jump through red tape. This morning I met Barb uptown for coffee at (where else?) Starbucks, where we chatted and she delivered Khaki Vert. 

Ta da! 

A little while back I was looking for a substitue for Khaki Vert, which I instantly fell in love with the shade once I saw it online. Recommended to me was Essie's Sew Psyched, which to me seemed to be the first acceptable alternative that I had seen (since then other brands have been dispensing their own versions). Barb had at the same time had secured me a bottle of the Chanel, so I figured why not compare?

So, I painted the nails on one hand with the Chanel polish and the other hand with the Essie polish:

(Disclaimer: Please note the difference is much greater due to the flash on my camera.
Variance is actually more subtle in person.)

Which do think is Chanel's Khaki Vert and which is Essie's Sew Psyched?

Leave your guess in the comments below!


Pam said...

Chanel= A?

Canadian Twentysomething said...

Oh my, I have the Essie version on my toes right now and I can't even tell! I'm going to guess the Essie is B though, because the A seems to have a blue-ish tinge, and my toes are definitely green haha. So difficult though!

Anonymous said...

pretty confident that A = Essie, and B = Chanel:p

gilliangoldie said...

B: Chanel

When do we find out?

Melissa Wright said...

B is chanel!!!

Kate said...

I own the essie one, but I can't tell from these pics... but I would say I like A better, even though I don't know which is which! Do tell!

barb c said...

B is chanel. I'd bet money on it.