Sunday, October 3, 2010

bounty at the bay...

Sunday, we shopped the 3rd floor of the Bay at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Many a beautiful things were spotted, many of which were a bit out of my price range. According to my BFF Kristen, the Bay had been recently remodeled to offer a upscale display of hot designers on their 3rd floor.

One section was dedicated to one of my favourite labels (also found on the racks of Je Suis Prest at home), Free People. I love the beautiful patterns, soft materials, and bohemian style.

Then there was Halston Heritage, for which Sarah Jessica Parker is the Creative Advisor for. The clothing had a very Carrie Bradshaw feeling to them.

(The shiny wall catches my reflection!)

Layouts were designated for Rachel Roy's Signature and Rachel lines. The Rachel Roy Signature line has many beautiful luxe items, but they come with a heftier price tag.

Rachel Roy's RACHEL line is a bit more affordable. There were many items I would have loved to take home with me!

I absolutely love this scripted blouse!

I eventually decided to go without the blouse, but I realized I could hook hangers to my new Coach purse and still shop hands free!

Sarah browsing BCBG's racks...

As you go further back on the 3rd floor, the lines become a bit more affordable. There was also a section was designated to Bench apparel...

Me trying on a funky hair band that was originally over $100 in price!

We even found Pink Tartan!

And then there is a section called The Room featuring designer items that would all easily be over $500. Needless to say, we didn't bother torturing ourselves! haha.


L said...

Thanks for the virtual tour! I've heard of 'The Room' and I too wouldn't even bother, lol.
Too bad you didn't get that blouse, it was really cool.

~Chelsea said...

There were so many things I would have loved to buy! The instantly was drawn to the actually said "I will make no more boring conversation"...I thought it was neat, and different. Unfortunately I had to convince myself to put it back because I had to stop spending!