Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dancing in the street...

B has been sick the last few days so I haven't made him stray far from the house to take my outfit photos. But to shake things up (within the limitations) I decided to take it to the street for this post! I wore this outfit to a meeting at the clinic.

The Outfit

Tweed blazer- United Colors of Bennetton (Bermuda, Oct '09)
Camel pants: H&M (Toronto, Sept '10)
Brown tank: American Eagle (Fredericton, Sept '05)
Coral short-sleeved sweater- Artzia (Toronto, Sept '08)
Feather necklace- H&M (Toronto, June '10)
Brown oxfords- Aldo (Halifax, Sept '10)

(From further away, it appears that the beiges of the blazer and pants clash more than match. But if you look upclose, in the pattern on the blazer you'll subtly see both the camel as well as red.)

The seasonal change of colour in the leaves is something I want to include in upcomming outfit photos. I've started to notice the otherwise green leaves have officially started to transform into brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. It's a beautiful sight, but it's somewhat bittersweet since it means we'll soon have no leaves at all!

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Ashley said...

Cute blazer! I can't wait for the leaves to change around me, they're getting close! But you're right, it's sad bc it means they're all going to fall off the trees soon enough...