Thursday, August 4, 2011

feather extensions...

For a while I had debated the possibility on getting a coloured extension, just to have a little fun with my hair. So all while flipping through magazines the last couple months, I started spotting celebrities sporting feathers clipped into their hair, I was intrigued. So last month I messaged my aunt, also my hairstylist, and asked her if they were carrying any of these feather extensions. As it so happens she had been looking into carrying them along side their coloured extensions. A couple of weeks I got the call that they were in, and yesterday I was excited to finally go to Reflections Day Spa and check them out! Upon her advice, I went with three, and decided to add some colour variety...

The Process


I was quite happy with the end result!

They actually ended up being fairly subtle under my top layers after styling my hair myself this morning, so I'm going to go in next week and have them moved closer to the top layers of my hair.

The feathers are actually rooster feathers died various colours- and they can be washed, dried, straightened, or curled just like your natural hair!

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