Friday, August 5, 2011

3 things: purchases from the inspiration board...

If you caught my previous posts on my inspiration board, you'll know that I've been tacking up pictures on a bulleton board in my office to keep track of my items most wanted and current/emerging trends. Some of these items are part of the shopping wish-list in the back of my mind. Here are 3 purchases in recent weeks that were inspired by my board...

1. Wrap Bracelet
This friendship-style bracelet comes in a variety of designs and seems to be highly popular right now. It's a cute way to adorn the wrist in a casual-cool fashion. I picked up this purple bracelet with gold beads up from Silver Daisy Designs last week.

2. Nude Framed Sunglasses
I've always been a girl who's had both a pair of black and brown rimmed on hand. These price friendly frames caught my attention today at Joe Fresh while I was replacing a broke pair of black framed sunglasses. After a twitter poll, I decided the sunglasses were in. (Thanks to Kristin, Jess, and Melissa!)

3. Elongated Feather Earring
Browsing the latest ESquared designs in Silver Daisy last month, I fell in love with their feather creations- particularly this purposely mismatched multi-coloured feather earring paired with an oversized faux diamond stud. With the feather earring extending to my shoulder, I can tell you I have gotten a few curious looks wearing this set! You can sort of call it a trial run for my more subtle feather extensions.

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