Friday, November 25, 2011

holiday wish-list...

My mom and sister right now are braving the Black Friday crowds across the US border. I almost went with them, if it wasn't for an expired passport (which I forgot about until there wasn't sufficient time to reapply). Of course a trip such as this means serious shopping, so making my holiday wish-list was prompted when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

Plus, with all audio in stores being hijacked by Christmas music already, the crazy snow storm we had 2 days ago, and the fact that Santa comes in exactly a month from today it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas. So I thought I'd share with you what I have on my list!

I also asked for a handful of clothing items from Joe Fresh (this blouse, this top, and this dress for starters)- I browsed the last collection at the Superstore after a workout earlier this week and had to exercise restraint from walking out with half of the store! The great thing about items from Joe Fresh are how affordable they are- which makes for great gifts without breaking the bank!

I still like a surprise, so I put way more items on my list than I actually expect to receive. I was never that child digging in the closets or under beds looking for the presents before Christmas...that's how my sister discovered there was no Santa! (Haha.)

What's on your holiday wish-list? 

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Taylor Bartik said...

Love your wish list!!!

have a great day!