Monday, November 28, 2011

big changes...

I'll start with the most obvious of changes: not only did I update the blog header (designed by my friend Doug at dlb designs) over the weekend, but I've also decided to split my current blog into 2 separate blogs. 

I've been covering 2 main areas or niches (local happenings in Saint John and my personal style) that seemed to fit together initially but as my blog grew and changed, so did my audience.

A recent poll I conducted confirmed a statistic I was already familiar with: the majority of my readers reside in Saint John (67%) and a larger precentage (80%) live within in New Brunswick. 

For a while now, Saint John readers have been requesting to see more about local events and things happening in our city. As much as I wanted to do that, I didn't want to push away my other readers outside of the port city. 

So, I decided to transition Maritime Shopaholic into a source to promote shopping local and keeping people up to date about fashion-related events happening in Saint John. I have plans to shape it in a shopping and style guide for the port city. For all locally and fashion related content, I hope you'll continue to read Maritime Shopaholic.

Atlantic Style Diaries is the title of my new personal style blog on which I will share outfit photos, favourite trends and brands, wish-lists, etc. I wanted to be able to participate in the fashion blog community without boundaries to who I could share, network or collaborate with. For further content such as outfit posts, favourite brands and trends, as well as style projects, I hope you'll pop over and check out Atlantic Style Diaries! 

I've also made changes to my Twitter account in that you will now recognize me as @chelsdonaldson (instead of @mshopaholic).

I'm excited about these changes and new creative opportunities and I'll hope there will be a little more for everyone now! 

Please leave a comment- I'd love to hear your thoughts on these changes.

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